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I’ve been really impressed by the team at Rainford Models, their dedication, skill and acute attention to detail is really impressive. They developed a product model for us which took centre stage on an exhibition stand. It created a wow factor drawing in visitors onto the stand and gave us a talking point to engage with the visitors. I would recommend the team at Rainford Models to anyone looking to produce a high quality model.

Sharon Smith, Associate, ClearB2B Marketing & PR Ltd. October 17, 2015

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Architectural Models

Our architectural scale models are used by our clients for planning and site marketing purposes. We can manufacture a cost effective planning model to illustrate to your planners the attributes of a site. With a full detailed scale model we can create an accurate scale representation of your site.

We can offer lighting options to give an extra dimension to your model, our model makers manufacture scale models for architects, town planners, civil engineers, and museums.

As can be seen from our selected client list, we are commissioned by nationally known and respected companies, we believe that our success is based on their confidence in our ability to produce architectural models to the highest standards and exacting schedules.

Rainford Models profile and mill model components from acrylic. This gives a professional quality, precise scale model each and every time.

  • External models of buildings, which usually include some landscaping or civic spaces around the building.
  • Internal models such as halls and interior designs, showing finishes and colour schemes.
  • Landscaping models which include buildings, pergolas etc.
  • Large-scale landscape models such as those used at tourist exhibitions to explain the shape of the local scenery.
  • Town planning models, typically built at a much smaller scale, where each building is represented by a shaped block.
  • Engineering and construction models, showing how building components fit together.